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What is yakiniku?

Yakiniku (焼き肉 or 焼肉), meaning “grilled meat”, is a Japanese term that, in its broadest sense, refers to grilled meat cuisine. “Yakiniku” originally referred to western “barbecue” food; today, “yakiniku” commonly refers to a style of cooking bite-sized meat (usually Wagyu beef and offal) and vegetables on gridirons or griddles over a flame of wood charcoals carbonized by dry distillation (sumibi, 炭火) or a gas/electric grill. It is one of the most popular national dishes of Japan. In many parts of the world, yakiniku is also commonly referred to as “Japanese barbecue

Why Wagyu beef?

The term “Wagyu”, which means Japanese (“wa”) and cow (“gyu”), essentially refers to the breed of Japanese cattle that have been domesticated from wild oxen. Wagyu beef has a rich, juicy, buttery, caramel taste sensation and a beefy flavour and aroma. The exceptional levels of oleic monosaturated fats – the healthy fats – are characteristic of Wagyu. It dissolves at lower melting temperatures – it literally melts in your mouth and with the flavour that never fails to satisfy.


Shimo is the perfect destination for an unforgettable night out with friends, family or colleagues. Experience an opportunity like no other with an unmatched Wagyu beef quality – sourced from Australia’s top feedlot – and served by chefs trained in Japan. With every dish, Wagyu with high marble grade or otherwise, you’ll taste just how incredible it is to dine the Japanese way.
Bring your taste buds to one of Brisbane’s best Japanese experiences, and savour every last bite of our top-quality locally sourced Wagyu beef. Indulge in a cold crisp Beer, refreshing Sake, premium Whiskey, delicious cocktails, or delightful alcohol-free drinks at this unmissable Japanese experience that will leave you wanting to come back sooner than later.


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Customer Reviews

This little Japanese gem is off the beaten track, tucked behind bigger venues on Park Road, Milton, but once you’ve found ut, you’ll want to keep going back. Its understated exterior belies its exquisite take on Yakiniku dinning (think private table barbecue) with an expertise in paddock to plate dinning with Australian sourced high grade Wagyu. If you’ve not tried it before, the staff will guide you on the technique of cooking your different cuts of meat over the flame grill set up at each dinning table. There are several set menu options, our favourite is the The Deluxe Wagyu Menu which will start you off with two fresh oysters, cabbage salad and kimchi, with two of the most delicious delicately crumbed and fried prawn ebi you’ll ever wrap your mouth around! This is followed by a very generous platter of various cuts of wagyu, each providing different taste and textural elements. Pork jowl and a creamy chilled onsen egg with steamed rice are perfect accompaniments. A nutritious ox tail bone broth is provided towards the end of the main course, and the meal ends with a perfect palate cleanser of refreshing yuzu sorbet. You will not be left wanting for anything by the end of this dinning experience. We have returned several times since our first meal, and each time the quality and care of the produce has been of the highest level. They have a la carte options as well, and an all you can eat on weekends which is amazing value for money. Cannot recommend enough.
Kate Hawkins
30 April 2024
Excellent customer service, superb food, quiet, clean, friendly atmosphere. Can't recommend highly enough.
J whitenstall
30 April 2024
Me and my partner had dinner here and it was outstanding, food was amazing and service was incredible!
Grace Lila
30 April 2024
An outstanding and authentic experience. Everything on the menu is delicious and cooking your food at your table is such a relaxing way to chat and unwind. Fantastic and friendly service. Highly recommend.
Matt Page
28 April 2024
Seriously, incredible place. We got the Celebration Banquet set for 4 people, great service and decent portions. Our main server, Ash, was extra helpful explaining the best timespans for each cutlet and meat type, and had good humour!! Great atmosphere, food, service, and should definitely be on your list of places to go!
Mitsuki McGee
21 April 2024
Amazing spicy chinese hot pot 🔥🔥🔥 the food was really yummy and there are other non spicy soups as well, in case anyone is interested. I particularly loved the tofu and seafoods. The prices are also fair. Great service, the staff always willing to help you. Highly recommended for a dinner with friends.
Gabriel De la torre
14 April 2024
A lovely dining experience!
Michael Wicks
7 April 2024

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